Thursday, June 25, 2009


Book of Secrets sample

My masters at Angry Robot have posted an excerpt of the forthcoming Book of Secrets in a variety of electronic formats. The book is due out in August in the UK and October in the US, and if you're on the fence about picking it up, check out the sample and see what you think.

Argh. The snippet was just enough to whet. Going to set my phone to remind me in mid-August (never have ordered from AmazonUK, I assume US people can?)
I've never had any problem getting AmazonUK to ship to the States. But you could always wait until October for the US release, if you run into trouble or don't want to pay the extra shipping.
Nah, I'll UK; it'll be a good excuse to get whatever Alastair Reynolds' newest is in the same shipment as well.
I could really use another thousand readers like you, Audie!
Check the Book Depository, too. Free shipping!
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