Friday, May 29, 2009


Little, Golden, Better

(via) Georgia is going to love this. Brian Biggs is doing a Little Golden Book "about a cute baby dinosaur who talks about himself and his Cretaceous life" (I love that that's the description of The Work from the contract), and shares a rough cover and some interior sketches.

My kid, at 5 years old, looks askance at any book that doesn't have the gold-foil tape of a Little Golden Book over the spine. And she adores dinosaurs. Put those two great tastes together, and I think we're going to have a winner.

In tangentially related news, Sarah Albee, who's penned loads of Sesame Street kids books that are perennially favorites around our house, has a new Little Golden Book coming out in July illustrated by Julia Woolf, Halloween ABC.

Monsters and ghosts and witches? That's almost as good as dinosaurs, so far as Georgia is concerned. We're sold!

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