Saturday, May 02, 2009


Jonathan Nix's The Missing Key

At World Fantasy Convention last fall, Garth Nix was generous enough to show me and Allison and a few of our friends a couple of trailers for an animated short he was executive producing, his brother Jonathan Nix's The Missing Key. I see on Cartoon Brew this morning that one of those trailers is now up on YouTube. So now I can share it with all of you lovely people.

From the little I've seen, The Missing Key will be one to seek out.

Hi Chris

Thanks for linking this. We'll probably put another teaser/trailer up on a YouTube fairly soon, and at There is some incredible work being done by Jonathan, Brendan, Shane and the rest of the team. We share an office, but the animation studio is on the ground floor and I'm on the first. Almost every time I go into the downstairs office I'm blown away by some new sequence, or the completion of a sequence where I've only seen components of it.
The music is also by Jonathan, btw, cowritten with Miles Nicholas and performed by Jonathan, Miles, Jonathan's wife Kathryn and many other extremely talented musicians.
I feel very fortunate to be involved and I can't wait until we get the film out into the world, which will probably be first half of 2010.


Can't wait to see it, Garth!
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