Friday, May 29, 2009


John Berlyne's Powers: Secret Histories

I've been meaning to rave about John Berlyne's staggering achievement, Powers: Secret Histories: A Bibliography, for a while now. My preordered copy arrived from PS Publishing a month or two ago, and I've only had a chance to dip into it so far, but what little I've read in it has just knocked my socks off.

Berlyne spent years putting this thing together, and it shows. A loving, exhaustive overview of the work of Tim Powers, complete with never-before-seen "behind the scenes" material.

If the bare description alone isn't enough to sell you on it, the good people at PS are prepared to help. They've posted a free 24-page PDF sampler of the contents, and here's how they introduce it: "It includes a chunk of the bibliography section that lists every edition of Powers’ seminal The Anubis Gates, as well as China Mieville’s tribute to the novel, examples of Dick Berger’s exclusive artwork, excerpts and notes and doodles by Powers himself, and much more - and it still represents just a fraction of what the book itself contains."

So if "exhaustive overview of the work of Tim Powers" isn't enough to get you to order a copy (now shipping!), check out the PDF and join us here on the side of the angels. As for me, I'm looking forward to finishing up the World Fantasy Award judging so I'll have a chance to sit down and give Powers: Secret Histories the attention it deserves!

I got my copy and immediately wrote to PS thanking them for this amazing book! It is absolutely required for me. I just wish I could afford the glow in the dark and spend all your mortgage money three volume copy. The one volume was expensive enough and worth every schilling
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