Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm Back

Sorry for the silent running, everybody. I've been at Bill Willingham's place in the wilds of Minnesota since last week at the annual Clockwork Storybook writing retreat. More retreating than writing this year, but still a grand time. We got to hear some dandy folk music, eat some terrific food, set ablaze one of the largest bonfires I've seen in recent years, bark leaden justice from twin .45s at a shooting range (result=it's impossible to hit anything firing a gun in either hand), and flew dogfights in professional-grade flight simulators. The rest of the gang is still out there in the wilderness, writing away, but I had to come home a couple of days early for family stuff. I'm hard at work finishing the story I started out there, though, "A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows" (for which the twin .45s business was invaluable).

It sounds like you had a good time in my adopted state. :)

Since you enjoyed the food, I take it you avoided the Lutefisk!
I didn't cross paths with lutefisk, no. But I *did* have an encounter with some herring that left scars...
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