Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Graff Publishing edition of Dragon's Nine Sons

And since I'm posting covers, here's another. I am assured that this is the cover to the Hebrew-language edition of The Dragon's Nine Sons that is forthcoming from Graff Publishing, but honestly, I'm having to take the publisher's word for it.

That's an awesome cover!
I'm touched by your confidence in the publisher, whoever he may be
It definitely says "Chris Roberson" == Title transliterated as "Tshat Bnei HaDragon." That's "Nine Sons of the Dragon," all right (Hey, Hebrew school did come in handy), Chris. Nice cover too.
Thanks, Lou! (And thanks, Rani, for that matter!)

And thanks for the backstopping, Stu!
I can confirm Stu wasn't just making that up, he's right. The grammar is right and everything.
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