Monday, May 11, 2009


Georgia Discovers the iPod

I meant to post these last week but couldn't find the USB cable to my camera. Then I discovered this morning that it was on my desk the whole time. A while back Georgia found my iPod nano sitting out, and wanted to know what it was. I showed her how the earbuds fit into her ears, and then played her a bit of Regina Spektor, which she already knew from the car CD player. Georgia freaked out that so much sound could be coming out of something so small.

But the earbuds kept falling out of her ears, so the iPod went back onto the table pretty quick, a minor curiosity.

Then last week she picked it up again, wanting to hear more music, and I remembered a pair of clunky noise-cancelling headphones I had in a drawer. I swapped them out for the earbuds and showed Georgia how to put them on, and then...

She figured out the (admittedly very simple) controls on the nano pretty quickly, and started scanning through to find songs she might like.

Then, whenever she found something she really dug, she would dance around the living room, having a grand time.

I suspect those clunky old cans are going to get hooked up to the iPod with increasing frequency, from now on.

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