Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Secret Saturdays "manga"?

I was excited to read this news, about a partnership with Del Rey Manga and Cartoon Network to produce "Secret Saturday's manga," until I got to the bit about it just being repurposed stills from the show.

I don't know if you've ever tried to look at one of these things, alternatively called "cine-manga" or "film-comic" or various other permutations, but they don't tend to read terribly well. They look like, well, low-res screenshots with the script overlaid on them in word balloons. That kind of thing made more sense before the days of Tivo and DVD, when kids were hungry for anything that could recreate the experience of watching their favorite movie or show. I had loads of "movie storybooks" and such as a kid, and even grabbed any coloring books or picture book versions I could find of my favorite shows.

But now? Why wouldn't the kids just pop in the disc or boot up the Tivo and watch the show again?

Oh, well. At least my daughter might enjoy it.

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