Thursday, April 30, 2009


Doc & Co.

Thanks to Evan Shaner's blog, I discovered this morning the blog of Scott Godlewski, one of the founders of Mysterious Adventure Magazine, which I'd not heard of before but will definitely be checking out.

Here's a recent commission piece Godlewski did featuring a few familiar faces...

There's lots more great stuff in the link.

CURSE YOU, ROBERSON! (*Shakes Fist*)

My bank account has only just recovered from the damage you wreaked upon it during your "Secret Services" posts, and now you cruelly post THIS?

I was blissfully unaware of the magazine...but no. That peace could not last. IT MUST BE MINE!!

(*argh. whimper*)
Sorry about that! I'll try to do better in future!
I know what might work! I'll only post boring things from here on out. Wait till you see the photo of this thing my cat coughed up!
Yet one more thing that must be had and secreted away into the Shelves of Solitude that are my Pulps-References and Influences....

Thanks, Chris. Perhaps this'll get me posting a bit more at my site again (although the census eats up much time right now, as it pays the bills).

I'm trying to avoid thinking about what kind of adventure would get those four characters together against a giant Nazi robot, myself. I've got work to do, after all!
The robot's just a distraction from the true machinations of the Hyper-Gorillas of Thule, of course!

They're hiding out in the jungles, necessitating the help of the Phantom, and they're smuggling drugs to zoos in every metropolis the world over to amp up the intelligence of simians everywhere as the first stage of their world-conquering plans!

Or maybe it's just a robot story. ;)
Mmm. Hyper-Gorillas could work, at that...
Thanks for the link - nifty stuff. I hadn't heard of Mysterious Adventure Magazine, tho, which is distressing after I promised to cut back on the books I was buying...

Excuse me, this is distracting me from reading this Adventure House replica reprint of "The Phantom Detective" from August 1935 while listening to Decoder Ring Theatre "Adventures of the Red Panda"!
The "Hyper-Gorilla of Thule"? Is that Jess Nevins new secret project (as previewed on his LiveJournal)?
Nope. The Hyper-Gorillas of Thule is the result of my brain with too much sugar and caffeine and not enough rest. I'll have to put something about them on my blog....once I come up with something....:)

Actually, Stu, I did a little digging regarding Jess's mystery project, and found a little something called Strange Tales of the Century from Evil Hat Productions. Looks to be very interesting...
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