Friday, April 17, 2009


Allred and Gaiman's Metamorpho

Behold the awesomeness that is Mike Allred's art for the forthcoming Metamorpho serial for DC's Wednesday Comics (the same project for which Ben Caldwell is illustrating Wonder Woman), which is being scripted by some guy named Neil Gaiman.

Can Allred draw, or what?

This Wednesday Comics thing just seems to get better and better, some great talent and format (I'm a sucker for a big "Comics Section" style, very likely because I see how sadly truncated the newspaper strips have become). I really can't imagine many more artists more suited to Metamorpho than Allred, if he has an "alley", this is right up it.
That's awesome -- I looked at the Superman and Batman samples too and it is quite amazing.
I'm more excited about this Wednesday Comics thing than I've been about any DCU project since All Star Superman. (Of course, I suppose both this and A*S*S are "out of continuity," so not *technically* DCU...)
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