Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Adepticon Revisited

I meant to post a quick note about Adepticon when I got home the other day, and in the hurry to get back up to speed on the current novel completely forgot. So here it is.

I had a terrific time, getting a chance to hang out with Vince Rospond of Black Library and fellow BL author Gav Thorpe (and fellow Solaris author Tim Akers), meeting Ross and the rest of the gang from Fantasy Flight games, and talking with loads of Warhammer and 40K gamers and BL enthusiasts. I even did a brief interview with Spencer and Scott of 40K Radio, which I'll link to when it goes online. Hank Edley and the rest of the Adepticon staff ran an incredibly tight ship, and the Lombard Westin was a splendid venue for the event. In short, Allison and I had a great time, and appreciate the warm welcome we got. Wargamers who haven't made the trek to Adepticon before should definitely put it on their calendar for next year.

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