Friday, February 27, 2009


Adventures in SciFi Publishing

The uncanny Shaun Farrell of Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing was kind enough to interview me for his most recent podcast to discuss, as he puts it, "End of the Century, Three Unbroken, multiple universes, comic books, Monkey Brain books, his literary inspirations, judging for the World Fantasy awards, his inclination to over-research, and much more."

You can listen to the interview online, or if you prefer there's an MP3 link. So what are you waiting for?


AISFP has become one of my favorite podcasts of late. Lou Anders introduced me to it via a link on his blog highlighting one of his many appearances there. I am making my way through the archives now and learning so much because of it. Looking forward to hearing your interview this weekend.
It's one of the only podcasts I follow, and the only one I listen to with any regularity.
Jon Armstrong's If You're Just Joining Us is my other favorite these days. I like that one for the variety of subjects covered, and most of the interviews are fascinating, even if on the surface it doesn't seem so. I listen sporadically to a few others, but Shaun's and Jon's give me the most satisfaction and entertainment as a listener.
I'll have to check out Jon's podcast. Thanks for the tip!
Great show, Chris! (one of the twelve)
Ha! Thanks, Shawn!
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