Thursday, January 08, 2009


El Gorgo!

How have I lived this long without knowing about El Gorgo?

Who is El Gorgo? Well, in the words of his sidekick, Eddie Devil, "He's a rock star, a professional wrestler, a historical novelist, and a freakin' superhero."

He's a Luchador.

He's the front man of a surf-rock band, El Gorgo's Gorgo-a-go-go.

He has Einstein-level intelligence, and is a superb martial artist.

Oh, and he's a gorilla.

In the first issue, he fights cultists on a Hawaiian island who worship Lovecraftian Deep Ones, and after destroying their god Dagon is accidentally thrown across time and space to Saturn's moon Titan, where he has to fight hyper-evolved sentient dinosaurs in armor. Meanwhile, his assistants are growing increasingly anxious that he might not make his surf-rock band's gig that night.

In the second issue, after it turns out that the whole fight with the armored dinosaurs was a misunderstanding, El Gorgo has to fight a whole other group of reptilian baddies, before being thrown back in time to Ancient Egypt, where a cat-headed Egyptian goddess reveals to him the secret history of the world. Then his assistant (and fellow Luchador) Eddie Devil arrives with a purloined time machine, to take him back to Titan in the far future, where they are taken to Dinosaur City.

And so on.

El Gorgo! is everything awesome, crammed together in two-dozen-page chunks and sprinkled with kick-ass. I mean, the continuing adventures of a masked Luchador super-intelligent gorilla? What is better than that?

Well, better still is that you can enjoy El Gorgo! without spending a dime. On the site you can download the first two issues in PDF or CBR format, read the whole issues online, or buy print copies. Or heck, you could do all three!

I just lost the last half-hour of productivity to reading El Gorgo!, and I couldn't hesitate to share that manic thrill with all of you nice people. Check it out, read it, and if you like it, buy it!

Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to buy that, I did download it and it was entirely made of awesome. Everyone must eventually dance to the El Gorgo! beat. Everyone.
El Gorgo, where have you been all my life?
Possibly cleaning up after packets of Deep Ones got out of control?
I imagine being a crimefighting gorilla Luchador *would* keep him pretty busy.
I dunno, should have a bit of spare time in there for some surgery, perhaps?
Well, they have to save something for the third issue, don't they?
Sir! YOU are the one who is awesome! Because!!...I'm sorry, I have a really hard time turning off the exclamation points when I'm not writing Gorgo. Let's try this again!!

Uhhh...thank you? There we go!! Tom and I both appreciate the kind words a great deal. With any luck, the third issue will be coming...uh...well, it's gonna be kinda long (thirty-two pages), so it could be a while, but I think it'll be worth it. But at any rate -- thanks again! (...!!!)

Mike McGee
You're very welcome, Mike. Or rather, you're very welcome!! (That's better.) Keep up the good work!!!
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