Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The Ten Doctors

(via) On the forums of comic publisher IDW, Tony Lee has shared a little Christmas joy. Here's how he sets up the clip.
A few months ago - in fact pretty much a year ago, when I first spoke about the story I was about to start writing called Doctor Who: The Forgotten, I said the following line.

"And it will have a double page splash in issue #6 that will hopefully go down in history as one of the most downloaded Doctor Who pictures/Wallpaper ever."

Big words indeed, and people thought I'd mispoken, that I actually meant the double page of the Doctor's costumes that was seen in #1, an image that has since appeared in a variety of different places, most recently on news sites talking about who would be playing the next Doctor.

But no. You see, I had a better page. A double page that would lay to rest the rumours already flying around that although I mentioned all ten Doctors in the first five issues of the six part story, the Doctor? He never actually meets them. Not at all. No, no way whatsoever. There's no way that the BBC would allow that. Nuh-uh.

Well... You've been reading the comic? All four issues out so far? You're looking forwards to #5, out on New Years Eve? You're eagerly waiting for #6, out on the 21st of January, because with the previous Doctor's stories all ending in #5, something special must be happening in it? Well, you'd be right. Something special does. Something magical. Something never thought possible. Click on the segment of the page shown below to see the full, double page spread from #6 that I spoke of, a year ago.

And here's the image he's talking about.

I've been reading and enjoying The Forgotten since the first issue, and I've found it to be one of the best Doctor Who comics to date, and certainly the best in ages.

(Didn't RTD famously say in an interview that, so far as he was concerned, such a meeting was impossible and would never happen? I remember reading that in the last year or so, but can't find it anywhere now.)

That image is made of awesome, Chris. Thanks for sharing it!

(I know a few Who fans who are going to love it...)
De nada!
The Forgotten you say?
Will need to check it out.
Hate to be a wet blanket, but while I like the IDEA of the image, I think the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Doesn't look like Pia Guerra's work (which has been great); the faces seem lopsided (which could be the inker's fault) and the proportions are off. Most (especially #9) are too narrow in the shoulders, and #4 isn't tall enough -- he was always the biggest guy in the room on the TV show. (Putting him next to tiny #2 is a nice touch, though.) I'm not a guy who demands comic characters look exactly like the actors who play them (quite the opposite, in fact; I found the Serenity comics totally off-putting for their slavish reproductions of the actors' appearances), but I don't like the artist's choices here.
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