Friday, December 12, 2008


Space Chimps

I added this thing to my Netflix queue ages ago, after reading somewhere online that it was watchable and mildly entertaining.

Well, we watched it last night. Wall-E, it is not.

Georgia's comments aside ("This is a good movie," she said several times), it was neither watchable nor mildly entertaining. And this is a movie that features chimpanzees in spacesuits having adventures on another planet. Getting that combination right isn't exactly, oh what's the term, rocket science.

(Having enough trouble with the logic of the narrative itself, I won't think about the bad science. I mean, at one point I'm pretty sure a character refers to "Einstein's Unified Space Theory." Did no one on the production have access to Google?)

In any event, if I can ever remember just where it was that I read the somewhat positive review of this thing, I'm going to go and demand that they return to me the 80 minutes I wasted watching it.

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