Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Secret Saturdays toys

If you've got kids of toy-buying age (like me), or can justify buying them for yourself (unlike me, more's the pity), Jay Stephens has some good news to share. Mattel is going to be doing a line of Secret Saturdays toys.
Although viewers can expect the typical array of figures of the main cast of characters--Doc Saturday, Drew, Zack, and ever-present villain V.V. Argost--Mattel, Inc. is sure to work on the fantastical nature of the cryptid creatures as well. The mysterious, mythological, and altogether marvelous creatures that populate The Secret Saturdays; from flesh-eating wolf beasts to volcano-dwelling cannibal giants of Chile, the cartoon has plenty of unique animals to offer.

The toyline based on The Secret Saturdays is currently slated for release in Fall 2009. Playsets and role-play items are also on tap for development by Mattel, Inc. The adventure animation, which debuted on Cartoon Network this past October, is likely to see production through that period as well.

I know one little girl who is going to be very happy about that. (And her dad is pretty geeked about it, too...)

Hope we get a nice model of the Saturdays' airship too. Not so incidentally, the show itself just keeps getting better. I really liked the recent arc with VanRook's apprentice.
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