Monday, December 22, 2008


New Review

Thanks to Google alerts, I learn on my return from visiting Duncanville (for the "Roberson family Christmas," which is kind of like Christmas, only more conveniently scheduled) that the Library Journal has reviewed the forthcoming End of the Century. Behold...

In sixth-century Londinium, young knight Galaad follows his visions to the castle of King Artor and the search for the Holy Grail. Victorian London houses consulting detective Sandford Blank and his assistant, Roxanne Bonaventure, who hunt for a serial killer whose motive is the location of the grail. In 20th-century London, American teenager Alice Fell is on the run, pursuing strange visions that lead her as well to the sacred cup of the grail. Inevitably, the barriers between time and place deteriorate, bringing a group of seekers together in a cosmic confrontation between good and evil. The author of Here, There & Everywhere and The Voyage of Night Shining White blends high fantasy, Victorian mystery, and urban fantasy into one mesmerizing story that refreshes the Arthurian legend. For most fantasy collections.

Less spoilerish than the Booklist review, which I'll quote in January when the review is published, but at the same time not entirely accurate. Still, a fairly positive review, I think. So thanks, reviewer at Library Journal!


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