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Idle Thought

Just out of curiosity, does anyone happen to know whatever became of John Francis Moore?

The last I recall seeing of him was one of the titles in DC's shortlived Focus line, Touch, and don't think I've seen his name mentioned since. In the late 90s, though, Moore was responsible for some of my favorite comics, all of which have really held up as I've revisited them in the years since--Chronos, the best treatment of time-travel in a superhero book to date; Superman: The Dark Side, which took what could have been a trite idea (Kal-El lands on Apokolips) and owned it; and in particular the 100% awesome Elseworld's Finest, which reimagined the DC Universe as a Depression-era pulp adventure in letter-perfect style.

Google fails to find any news of him. Does anyone know more?

No idea, my google-fu fails me as well.

I even tried the google blog search.
Yep, I tried that as well, to no avail.
I remember Chronos fondly. It ended after nine issues, I recall, and still think they should collect it.
With the "one millionth issue" that was part of the DC One Million crossover, there were an even dozen issues of Chronos proper, plus a short that appeared in the Legends of the DC Universe title. And definitely, it would make a dandy collection, I think.

There were actually a lot of short-lived DC titles at the time that I recall quite fondly, of the type they don't really do anymore. Chase, Young Heroes in Love, heck even Superboy and the Ravers! They never got the attention that Robison on Starman, Waid on Flash, and Morrison on JLA got, but those were really fun books.
Young Heroes in Love! Dan Raspler came up with that. I have the whole set in storage along with Chronos. That would also make a nice collection.

And Chase. At least she's still part of the DCU. The YHIL seem to have disappeared completely.
I always respected the way that Dan Curtis Johnson was able to continue doing short stories featuring Chase and the DEO for years after the book's cancellation, in any number of Secret Files as I recall, keeping the character and concepts alive. Much like Jeff Parker has been able to keep Agents of Atlas on the table since the miniseries ended with guest appearances in Spiderman Family and Marvel Adventures Avengers and such--and now we're getting an Agents of Atlas ongoing!
Elseworld's Finest was really great -- and something that I also pull out to re-read periodically when the pulp fever comes on.

A lot of people do float in and out of comics with tremendous talent not always well used by the industry. I hope that Moore is doing things that are interesting to him.
"I hope that Moore is doing things that are interesting to him."

I agree, Stu. I'd just add that I hope we get to read them someday!
Hmmm...Elseworld's Finest looks like something I may have to track down....
It really is terrific, Howard. It imagines what Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and company might have become if they'd inhabited a world that followed the logic of pulp novels and Saturday morning serials. I don't know if it was ever collected, but there were only two "prestige format" issues to the series, so it shouldn't be too difficult to track down.
It is one of those perfect gems, like Gotham by Gaslight, the ur-Elseworlds graphic novel by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola (inks by P. Craig Russell), and its not quite as fine sequel, Master of the Future.
It unquestionably ranks among the best of the Elseworlds, along with Gotham by Gaslight (which I agree, Stu, is a perfect gem), the various Alan Davis/Mark Farmer projects (The Nail, Superboy's Legion, etc), and Superman: The Dark Side. There were a few other good ones in the mix, but those few were for me the real standouts.
I have Gotham by Gaslight, and remember it fondly...if this compares favorably, then I'll track it down.

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