Thursday, December 04, 2008


Good (Secret) News

Got some good news today. Nothing I can talk about for a while, I'm afraid, but rest assured that when I can talk about it, I'm certain that at least a handful of you are going to agree with me that it's pretty damned cool.

Cryptic enough for you?

This is about those weather control satellites, isnt' it? Or maybe that army of robots I know you were looking for financing for, that would be pretty cool too.
Secretly, I'm pretty damned pleased for you. But I won't admit to it if pressed.
Two words: jet pack.
It's not a jet-pack, or an army of robots, sadly. Though those would be cool...

(And Mark, I'm secretly grateful that you're secretly pleased. But secretly.)
No, it's not cryptic enough So I passed it through a lexical analysis and got the following results: "Robot Ninja Monkeys"

What does that mean?
Mmm, robot ninja monkeys. *Now* we're talking...
Can I have one of those robot ninja monkeys? Just one. Please. A very pretty please! and I wouldn't have asked if I really din't need one. Honest.
As soon as I get my army, Rani, I'll be sure to send one of them your way.
Just don't answer an ad for them in soldier of fortune. The results are, ahem, erratic.
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