Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Geoff Ryman's "The Film-makers of Mars"

Stop what you're doing, and go over to Tor.com to read Geoff Ryman's short story, "The Film-Makers of Mars." It's an intriguing little story, reminding me a bit of Howard Waldrop at his best.
The films just started showing up, everywhere, old forgotten silent movies turning to jelly in warehouses all over SoCal: Anaheim, Burbank, Tarzana.

I got a call from Al at Hannibal Restoration. “They’re mindblowing!” The old hippie.

Eight reels of a film about Santa Claus from 1909. Filmed in Lapland. And forty reels of a film it says was produced by Edgar Rice Burroughs. In 1911?
(When I finished reading, I couldn't help myself, but had to look up "Herman Blix." I found this, about the real-life Herman Brix, if anyone's interested.)

Excellent story. I want the director's extended cut.
Good story.

Bill Willingham
By the way, someday I'm going to write a story where every character is named using only the non-word words one has to type into the word verification software for this and other blogs.

"Mr. Ingsott Kniestr paused in the doorway to look the place over, before he..."

Willingham again
I understand that you can get an unguent for a kniestr, Bill, if that flares up again.
Hi I'm a Chinese trying to translate this same great novel into my language. I've taken an interest into "Herman Blix" and believe I've found something that may interest you.
Indeed Howard H. Brix sounds logical enough to be considered the model after which "Herman Blix" is modelled. But consider these facts: He was born in 1906, married in 1933, and his wife has nothing to do with ERB. So I took another approach.
This is a page in the biography of ERB's only daughter, Joan. She married a guy called Jim Pierce in 1928(tick), Jim Pierce was considered both by Joan and Edgar as a perfect model for Tarzan and actually played Tarzan several times(tick), and even better he's born in 1900(tick;see http://www.erbzine.com/mag11/d31215h3.jpg).
I think a more precise way to put it is like "H. Blix is a combination of H. Brix and James Pierce", maybe even "The name served as a distraction".

Thanks for the information! Very interesting, indeed!
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