Thursday, November 06, 2008


Ill Met in Elvera

The good people at Pyr have published an original short story of mine, "Ill Met in Elvera," as part of their "Sample Chapter" program. The story features the first meeting of Hieronymus Bonaventure and Balam, and serves to bridge the gap between the end of Set the Seas on Fire and the duo's entrance in the pages of Paragaea: A Planetary Romance.


Oh joy, time to catch up with some friends then. I ran across the mass-market edition of Set the Seas on Fire while I was out last week and it actually looks pretty swanky, I'll have to get a couple of copies to loan around, it actually is the sort of book that fits a nice little niche in my friends reading, seafaring and the supernatural and old school all at once.
Thanks, Greg!
Fun tale. I do so like the Carmody-Bonaventure stuff. So let's hear more about the World Fantasy con. What did you do there that you're most ashamed of? Fess up.

Bill Willinghamn
"What did you do there that you're most ashamed of?"

That will have to remain a story for another time, I'm afraid...
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