Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Watchmen: The Bride of Manhattan

Carrying on from this morning's Watchmen related fun, check out Kevin Levell's contribution to DrawerGeeks' "Giant Monster" topic, Watchmen: The Bride of Manhattan:

Here's how Levell describes it:
I wanted to do a rework for Attack of the 50ft Woman but somehow it didn't quite work out like that. I started sketching but couldn't help thinking about the bit in Watchmen when Dr. Manhattan is 50 ft tall blasting things to bits with his fingers in Vietnam. (issue 4 pg 20 for ref)

This was my natural progression of those two thoughts...

I love the whole 'B' movie spoof stuff and the word Bride seemed to carry the right sort of connotations with it for this.

Watchmen is a one-off complete story and it struck me that the (giant monster) money-making-machine that is Hollywood could plough headlong into franchise mentality if the upcoming film is a success. I think this might be Alan Moore's worst fear and part of the reason I added the 'Wizard of Northampton' desperately running away from the horror of it all.

Check out Levell's blog for more goodness.

I still want my Minutemen comic, tho. :-(
It would probably never have been as good as the Minutemen comic you had in your head, Jayme.
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