Friday, October 03, 2008


The Secret Saturdays!

I've raved about Jay Stephens before, and about his long-awaited (around my household, at least) new series from Cartoon Network, Secret Saturdays.

Well, the long wait is over, as tonight the premier episode of Secret Saturdays airs on Cartoon Network at 8PM EST/PST. Jay notes on his blog that the first showing will have a little "countdown clock" bug in the corner of the screen for some other show that premiers later in the evening, but that Cartoon Network will be rerunning Secret Saturdays later tonight at 10PM E/P, if you want to watch it with out the counter.

This is a show in the grand tradition of Jonny Quest, about a monster-hunting family of adventurers, with scientist father "Doc Saturday," sorceress mother "Drew Saturday," and son Zack, who has the ability to control "crytids". Accompanied by mutated pet monitor lizard Komodo, and seven-foot "Gorilla Cat" crytid Fiskerton, they are "the World's Greatest Crytozoologists." What's not to love?

A series of Secret Saturday comics have started appearing in the pages of DC Comics's Cartoon Network Action Pack, with the first outing in issue 26 being written, inked and colored by Jay Stephens himself (and with art by animation director Scott Jeralds, famous in our household for his contributions to Krypto the Superdog and Freakazoid, both of which Georgia worships).

Set your Tivos to Season Pass, friends, and enjoy.

I just looked at a long clip from the show at the Cartoon Network website. I am so there...
Looks good, doesn't it?
I read an interview with the creator and I was floored by all the awesome on display. Great, now I'm going to have to watch a cartoon other than Venture Bros. and those Net10 commercials. So the rugrat likes Freakazoid? Mazel Tov, Mr. Roberson. You, at least, still know how to raise a child in these trying times....
Is Doc Saturday African American? (not that it matters, just curious)
Yes, Greg, I am indeed raising Georgia "in the faith," as it were. Over the weekend she informed me that the collection of plastic dinosaurs, snakes, turtles, white mice, and other animal toys she'd assembled on the living room floor was a "Super Legion," that they all had their own individual super-powers, and that they had just met and formed their team. The next day, she explained, they would start having adventures and fighting crime.
Yes, Doc Saturday is African-American, and voiced by Phil Morris, Seinfeld's Jackie Chiles (and apparently Smallville's John Jones, though I missed though episodes).
Where can you get those comic books? My son would absolutely love it!!!!!

Bridget, your best shot is probably to find the comic shop nearest you with, and call to see if they stock the DC kids titles.
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