Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Whither Weather

The summers in Austin are long and hot. So long, in fact, that they start around the time that people in more delicate climes are just beginning to enjoy that strange custom known as "spring," and continue straight through to sometime in late September or October.

Imagine my shock this week, then, to go outside in the afternoon after being cooped up in my office all day, to discover that it was about the same temperature outside as it was in my nicely air-conditioned home. Daytime temperatures in the 70s? Outside? How is that possible?

My brain can only hold one season at a time, and every year when it starts to cool off again, I'm completely flummoxed. Thankfully, I'll clearly be able to ease into it this year, as the daytime highs have climbed back up into the upper 80s. But still and all, it was down into the 50s the other night. Imagine that!

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