Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Saving the house where Superman was born

Brad Meltzer has launched a campaign to help preserve and restore the house where Jerry Siegel lived as a young man, and in which he and Joe Shuster created Superman
The house where Google was created is saved. The farm where Hewlett Packard was founded is preserved. And Richard Nixon’s house is a museum. But the house where Superman — one of the world’s most recognized heroes — was created? It’s a wreck. It's actually a great old house -- painted bright red and blue (really) -- and owned by one of the kindest elderly couples in the world. But as the neighborhood sank, so did the house. When you walk inside, you feel like your foot might go through the floor. The roof is flawed. The paint is a mess. When you look up at the ceiling, you see the exposed rafters overhead. It's a mess. Worst of all, the city of Cleveland let it happen. As the owner told me, “They won’t even give us a plaque. Not even a plaque to say, ‘This is where Superman was created.’”
Here's Meltzer explaining what happened, and what he's trying to do about it.

For more, visit Meltzer's charity site, OrdinaryPeopleChangeTheWorld.com.

(I bought this shirt, myself...)

You know who should be made aware of this?

Jerry Seinfeld.

I've spent the last half hour trying to find a way to contact him. I just had his agent's office hang up on me before I could finish a sentence...

If he knew about this, he'd put a face on it that Cleveland couldn't ignore.
You know, that's an excellent suggestion. Have you tried sending a note to Meltzer (or his people) to let them know?
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