Monday, August 18, 2008


Ronald Chevalier's Art of Relaxating

I'm back at my desk after ArmadilloCon, and trying to get my brain back up to speed. No more cons for me, please, at least not until my liver's had a chance to regrow a bit.

ArmadilloCon was low-impact, as it usually is, and I had a great time as always. Lots of great conversations with terrific folks. In one of those meandering discussions, Jayme Lynn Blaschke told me about a YouTube "viral video" featuring Jemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords fame) as a science fiction writer. He couldn't remember any more detail than that (Blaschke brews his own beer, so we have to make certain allowances for him), but a bit of Googling yesterday turned this up.

For more about Dr. Ronald Chevalier, author of such works as The Cyborg Harpies Trilogy and Brain Cream, check out his website (or web-sanctum, as the intro puts it) at (or you could wait for Jared Hess's Gentlemen Broncos, due out next year...)

Didja ever think I may have provided more details, but you were too sloshed to remember? It was pretty late in the evening, IIRC.

Besides, that hack Chevalier stole everything he knows from me. "Snakes trying to get at your precious seed" is totally my line. Totally.
It was afternoon, I'll have you know, and I was entirely cogent.

But I'll grant you that your line was lifted. If I had a dime for evertime I heard you nattering on about your "precious seed"...
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