Monday, August 25, 2008


Jason Lutes on Process (and D&D)

Jason Lutes, the writer and artist of Jar of Fools and Berlin (both of which are highly recommended), was recently interviewed about his work and process by the Wall Street Journal.

See, kids! Role-playing games are good for you!

(That's what I always told my parents, way back when, but they still insisted that D&D was satanic...)

I always find the nuts and bolts of a creation fascinating. As much as on some level I don't want to know how the magic is made -- often I just want to enjoy the illusion -- many times I feel compelled to know for the learning experience if nothing else, especially in the case of comics and writing in general. I love it when creators show how they do their voodoo.
I always find fascinating the congruences between the processes of people working in different media. For example, I approach writing prose in much the same way that Lutes approaches his comics (or like Picacio approaches his illustration, for that matter).
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