Friday, August 29, 2008


Adventure Time: The Series

Do you remember Pendelton Ward's Adventure Time, which I've raved about before? Probably one of the greatest things ever.

Imagine my delight this morning to see on Cartoon Brew that, according the Animation Guild blog, the short has been picked up for a full series commitment by Cartoon Network.

That's the best news I've heard in a while. If you're not as excited as I am, it's bound to be because you haven't yet seen the short. So...

See? One of the best things ever. Now, imagine a whole series of that kind of awesome...

Your hat is stupid.

My Hat is AWESOME!

I think that says it all. I must go and share this greatness with all five of my friends.

That really was cool, I can only imagine what the series will be like. Dang now I'm looking forward to animation.
awesomly awesome.
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