Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Yes We Can

Go donate to his campaign, already.

If nothing else, he's got the coolest logo of any politician in probably forever. His graphic design folks are awesome. I mean, really, taking the tiered old red, white and blue flag motif and incorporating not only the first letter of his first name, but evoking the iconic Reagan era "Morning in America" theme? Frellin' GENIUS!
Allison and I talked about this a bit last night. She contends (as does this Newsweek blogger, it turns out), that Obama's logo is just a reworking of the one that McGovern used in 1972. I don't really see it, myself> There may be some similarities in layout and concept, but the McGovern logo was really just a sunrise in a circle, while in the Obama logo every element serves multiple purposes--letter form, flag, sun, landscape, etc.
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