Thursday, June 19, 2008


Willingham on Fables

The Washington Post’s Express has posted an interview with Bill Willingham on all things Fables. I recently reread the whole series from the beginning through the most recent issues (for reasons that will, for the moment, remain unremarked), and I think it reads even better as a whole than it did in individual issues. For those keeping score at home, with the publication of Fables #75 in July, the book ties with Neil Gaiman's Sandman on the number of individual issues, and with the publication of Fables #76, Fables will officially lap Sandman.

If you've not tried Fables before, you've got ten full volumes of goodness in store for you. Highly recommended.

I have volume 1 on my giant to-read pile.
I think you'll like it. My favorite stuff doesn't come along until a bit later in the run (particularly when Mark Buckingham takes over the art chores), but volume one nonetheless makes for a strong start.
I always felt the first volume was the weakest of the bunch. I just finished reading Vol. 10 a few days ago and loved it. Today I read the 10th and final volume of Y: The Last Man, speaking of highly recommended comics.
I reread all of Y: The Last Man a few months ago, actually, shortly after the last issue came out. I think I appreciated that closing chapter even more after going back and revisiting the series from the beginning. That BKV can do no wrong in my book (and it's no accident, I think, that the best episodes of Lost from this past season were his).
Word is that BKV has an amazing script going around Hollywood right now called Roundtable. I heartily agree, the man is a great writer.
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