Tuesday, June 24, 2008


SF Signal's Review of the Celestial Empire

Over on the SF Signal this morning, there's a post from John DeNardo entitled "REVIEW: Chris Roberson's Celestial Empire Stories (Part 1)".

How's that for a mouthful?

In the post, as a kind of follow-up to his review of The Dragon's Nine Sons, John reviews a whole mess of Celestial Empire stories. To which I can only say, Thanks, John!


Good evening, sir, I trust I find you well. I think the SFSite reviews were spot-on, and I look forward to the Collected Celestial Empire Tales volume, containing all the current short fiction,

Soon, please.

That said, and I hope you receive it in the fannish eager spirit it was typed, I'd love to see y'all bloggers using the "target=new" feature that prevents us blogophiles from needing to backtrack so much when we follow links. Eh?
I'm sure we'll see a collection of Celestial Empire stories sooner or later.

And sorry about the lack of "target=new". I usually type my posts in HTML, and I've been using the vanilla "a href" tag for so long it's habitual. I'll try to retrain my brain, but I make no guarantees!
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