Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Marvel Heroes

(via) Here's a little CGI Marvel mayhem for you. It apparently ran originally as something called "Iron Man's Adventures", a serial in three parts, but has now been cut together into one four-minute-and-change short.

It's funny how this short is better in less than five minutes than Spider-Man 3 was at a length of two hours. And it gives me hope that an Avengers flick might actually work...

I remember seeing one part of this a while back - thanks for putting it up now. Awesome! What was it done for - just to promote the comics in general?
That was very entertaining. Thanks for the post, Chris!
Neat ending. I like seeing a scriptwriter with a feel for the characters.
Yeah, it appears to be just an ad for Marvel Comics in general. The original serialized bits pointed to, which is a kid-friendly front-end to the Marvel site that hosts these and other Marvel related videos.

Seriously, though, they need to hire whoever did this (from the screenwriter and animators straight through to the voice talent) and get them to work on a feature.
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