Friday, June 20, 2008


Guardians of the Galaxy

A quick note about one of the comics I read this week. I've raved before about Dan Abnett, and often cite Nova as one of the best books Marvel is currently producing. Like most of Abnett's comic work, Nova is co-written with Andy Lanning. The book was launched a few years back as part of Marvel's "Annihilation" family of cosmic/space-opera titles, a collection of interlinked series, crossovers, and miniseries that has consistently been far-and-away better than the vast majority of everything else Marvel publishes. In the most recent crossover miniseries, Annihilation: Conquest, a bunch of Marvel's repurposed and revised space-heroes were brought together to liberate an occupied Kree, including Adam Warlock, Mantis, Quasar, Star-Lord, and yes, even Rocket Raccoon.

Spinning out of Annihilation: Conquest, set in the Knowhere, recently introduced in the pages of Nova, the new ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy, scripted by Abnett and Lanning, reunites that mismatched group of heroes as an ad hoc force dedicated to policing the galaxy.

In the second issue of the series, out this week, there's a moment that exemplifies just what I love about Abnett and Lanning's comic work.

Adam Warlock says, "History doesn't repeat itself... but sometimes it rhymes."

Just a terrific little grace note, in the midst of a story about our heroes finding a chunk of frozen time that falls out of a rift in reality, something from outside of spacetime, that is revealed to contain in suspended animation the frozen body of hero with a circular red-white-and-blue shield. (Hint, it's not that super-soldier...)

Like Nova, which continues to kick ass a monthly basis, Guardians of the Galaxy is highly recommended.

And that noise you hear in the background is just the sound of my paycheck getting just that little bit smaller. Dagnabbit.
Sorry, Greg!
No worries, I remember the good ol' days when the Abnett-Lanning Team-Up was writing Force Works. Aaah, the nineties, as a friend of mine said, "when we didn't know what a good comic was". Still I think what hooked ME was the "feels like someone turned the symbolic homage up to 11". The Annihilation "brand" has been good stuff.
I missed Force Works. Though I'd sampled a few issues of Resurrection Man, I don't think I jumped on the DnA bandwagon until Legion Lost, and then I was sold. Before Nova, I was loving their run on Wildstorm's Majestic.

I've been hunting down older examples of Abnett's comic collaborations the last few years, with Lanning and others. I particularly enjoyed the Star Trek: Early Voyages he did with Ian Edginton. Highly recommended if you haven't checked it out, and relatively easy to find in backissue bins.
I've been following Abnett since "Early Voyages," and, like you, I think he's highly underrated. I'm reading "Brothers Of the Snake," one of his Warhammer books, right now, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Haven't picked up GotG #2 yet, though.
I read Brothers of the Snake a couple of months ago, and loved it. Unquestionably my favorite of the Space Marine novels I've read so far.
You know that line is a Mark Twain quote, right?
Actually, Ted, I didn't! Totally missed that. May make me like it even more.
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