Thursday, May 22, 2008


Mystery Tales

Okay, so we've got an entire week to wait for the next episode of Lost, the two-hour season finale, but to tide us over Jeff Trexler has pointed out this little bit of awesomeness.

Remember Mystery Tales #40, which was one of the items featured in John Locke's little Dalai Lama test in "Cabin Fever"?

Well, a group of Lost fans in Spain have succeeded in tracking down a copy, and have started a Mystery Tales blog, which will features scans of the stories and analysis of the ways they might tie into Lost, if at all.

Check out this similarity they found already between the cover and the Season Four promotional poster. Mmm...

And here is the first panel of the first story, "The Hidden Land,"

I love the internet...

This sort of research and correlations is what makes the Internet full of awesome. (Okay there are other reasons--like being able to communicate in a much less limited way with, say, favored authors)
I think the internet makes shows like Lost possible in the first place. In much the same way that the existence of Jess Nevins means that Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill can cram as many obscure references into League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, sure in the knowledge that he'll be there to help other readers sort it out, the collaborative viewing experience that is represented by things like Lostpedia means that the Lost showrunners can pack as much into each episode as they want, with the confidence that viewers working together will be able to sort it out.
That is very cool.
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