Friday, April 25, 2008


Saturday Morning Action Adventure Television

If you've been following the Interminable Ramble a while, you may remember an image I posted last summer by Dusty Abell, an homage to the action figures of his (and my) childhood.

This morning, he's got a new bit of awesome on offer over on his deviantART gallery, this time of Saturday Morning Action/Adventure Television characters.

Here's what Abell has to say about the piece:
This is my loving homage to the awesome bunch of Live Action/Adventure Saturday Morning TV Shows I grew up watching as a kid throughout the 70's. Saturday morning was a huge time to look forward too every weekend for me growing up and these shows were a big part of the reason why. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dinosaurs, High Adventure, we had it all back in the day! I think every boy my age had a crush on Joanna Cameron (Isis) in the mid 70's. If you're under 30 you might not have the vaugest idea who any of these guys and gals are, but I would recommend looking any of them up on YouTube to get an idea what they were like, and if you dig what you see, pretty much all of them are available on DVD (i've got most of them) but remember, my memories of these shows were formed watching them when they were brodcast for the very first times on good ole thirteen channel televisons, pre-Star Wars when Pong was about the most sophisticated video game in the pizza parlors, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for these wonderful reminders of how much fun I had being a kid growing up in the best decade to be one of ALL TIME! I have full descriptions of the various characters and the shows they're from plus isolated shots of all the characters minus color in my scraps section here-
and here-
So, how many can you name without checking? The only one I missed, to my shame, was Queen Medusa from Jason of Star Command.

I recognized everything but could put a name to a few I am ashamed to admit. Dude! The Ark II! Wow, what a wonderful time we grew up in...
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