Monday, March 17, 2008


Robinson Returns

I've raved before about James Robinson's Starman, which was a huge influence on me in my late twenties. His Golden Age remains a particular favorite of mine, as well, as does his early run on the relaunched JSA.

Now comes the news that he'll be writing a new Justice League book for DC. Who'll be on the team? Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) to start.

Okay, strong start. Who else?

Supergirl. Batwoman (this one, doubtless). Ray Palmer (though not as the Atom). And Freddy Freeman (“ideally with the blue costume and a new name”, which sort of makes the still-unfinished Trial of Shazam a bit of a lame duck).

Still good. Anybody else?

Mikaal Tomas, “The blue alien from Starman."

Okay, very good. Anyone else?

Oh yes, and Congorilla.

As Robinson explains, "He’ll be the oldest character in the book – he’s 90 years old, his human body has been destroyed, and he’s trapped in the body of a gigantic, magic, golden gorilla. Congorilla will be on the team."

That's right, we've Robinson on a Justice League book, with the original "hard-travelling heroes" Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen, a lesbian Batwoman, a shrinking scientist, a Kryptonian teenager, the Elvis of the Marvel family, the blue alien Starman, and Con-freaking-gorilla.

Yes, please!


Just wow. :)

Sounds very cool.
I know, right?
When does this book launch? Is it going to be the 'regular' Justice League title or an off-shoot?
It hasn't been solicited yet, so it's still a ways off, I'd expect. And from the interviews about it I've read, it would seem to be a companion book to the "regular" Justice League of America title.
Yeah, I can't wait for this one. I'm also going to preorder the upcoming Starman Omnibus Vol. 1 - I haven't read the series in a long, long time.
I reread the first few arcs of Starman about five or six years ago, and was struck by what a big influence on me it had been without my realizing it. There's a lot of Starman in the Bonaventure-Carmody stuff, I discovered, probably most notably in the stuff I've outlined that nobody's ever seen.

Suffice it to say, I'm definitely picking up the omnibus (even though I've still got all the individual issues *and* all the trades).
Congorilla -- Congorilla? Poor old Congo Bill, the DCU Jungle Jim, trapped in the freaking body of the golden Congorilla all these years?

Had Robinson been reading Agents of Atlas?
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