Monday, March 03, 2008


New Review

Eric Brown, who previously reviewed Set the Seas on Fire, reviewed The Dragon's Nine Sons for this last Sunday's Guardian.
In a refreshingly different take on the future, Roberson posits the Celestial Empire in which the Chinese successfully continued their expansionist policies of the 14th century. By 2052 they are opposed only by the Aztec-like Mexic Dominion. The war has escalated into space and the novel opens with nine disgraced soldiers being offered the choice of execution or a place on a mission to destroy an enemy base within an asteroid. The group reach the asteroid only to discover fellow Chinese prisoners facing ritual Mexic sacrifice: what was a suicide mission becomes a rescue attempt in which each soldier confronts the demons of their past and possible redemption. Despite an occasional tendency to over-explain, Roberson has created a gripping action adventure interleaved with insightful character studies.


Cool review...

If you haven't seen it yet, here's another one by Don D'Ammassa

I'm still waiting on my copy from Amazon...darn me bundling books to get free shipping!
No, I hadn't seen that one, Howard. Thanks for the tip!
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