Saturday, March 01, 2008


Age of TV Heroes

Check out this awesomeness...

Newsarama is proud to show Alex Ross’ latest work – the cover to the upcoming Age of TV Heroes book by George Khoury and Jason Hofius, due in November from Two Morrows Publishing.

The subject of the book is pretty obvious, given the title, and the lineup – George Reeves, Superman; Adam West, Batman; Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman and Jackson Bostwick, Captain Marvel.

God, that makes you wish they could have all teamed up on some big crossover show...w
I take it you missed (or are blocking out) Legend s of the Superheroes?

Admittedly, only Adam West and Burt Ward were involved, with the rest being anonymous actors and musclemen, but I worry that any "big crossover show" of the time would have been pretty much of that ilk.
You mean, that really happened? God, I'd written the whole thing off as a 1979 fever dream...

But I will cop to loving me some Lynda Carter. Wonder Woman could *totally* kick the Bionic Woman's ass!

If you'll excuse me, I have to go, um, write some fan fiction now...
Didn't miss it. Had it on Beta and watched it a 100 times. And the follow up as well. "Solomon Grundy know hold it" was a favorite bit. But didn't count it because, as you point out, only West and Ward were involved.
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