Thursday, February 07, 2008


The Saga of the Space Cowboy

Do you know Dan Meth's "Meth Minute" series of animated shorts? Do you love it? Well, you're about to...

Here's how Meth explains the latest entry in the series
This week's Meth Minute was written when I was a kid. For real. In 8th grade, I drew what I thought was a "graphic novel" (you can read it in about 20 minutes) about a cowboy who lives on the moon and saves the universe. It was meant to be a dark and gritty epic adventure but most people mistook it for intentional comedy. Recently some friends were reading it and laughing so I decided to turn it into a Meth Minute cartoon.

I decided to cast my friend Ben Marra as the title character because everyone who knows him is so taken with his voice, cadence, and mannerisms. I figured that if you want a cartoon character to be funny and likeable, you should just get a person who everyone finds funny and likeable to play him. I gave Ben the comic book to read and then recorded him discussing the adventures of Space Cowboy in first person.
And here it is, The Saga of the Space Cowboy...

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