Wednesday, January 23, 2008



Over the last couple of days, Wikipedia contributor Ntnon has been busy, editing the entries for luminaries such as Jess Nevins, Win Scott Eckert, John Picacio, and Michael Moorcock. He's also completely overhauled the entry for your humble narrator and for MonkeyBrain Books, and provided (at long last) an entry for the late and lamented Clockwork Storybook. (He even added a bit of disambiguation action to the entry for one of the many other Chris Robersons.) He's clearly been doing his homework, and I've spotted only one or two minor errors of fact in there.

I feel like Navin Johnson finding his name in the phone book. I'm somebody now!

So thanks, Ntnon, wherever you are.

Be careful -- I hear Ntnon hates cans.
Good grief--I actually have comments on the discussion page for my entry! Now I really have made it.

Ntnon did a bang-up job on all of us, gotta admit. But there's nothing in the Picacio about him being the sexiest man in Texas. Clearly, that has to change.
I dunno - I still think that might be one of the *other* "Chris Roberson"s...are you sure you're you?
Wait, which one am I again...?
Earth 2 Chris.
That means, of course, that I am vulnerable to anything wooden, began my crimefighting career as an adult, and will show my age only by graying at the temples.

Seems fair to me...
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