Monday, January 28, 2008


Text to Voice silliness

Wil Wheaton points out the magic of vozMe, a site that turns any chunk of text into an mp3.

Really, one shouldn't be given this kind of power so lightly...

For a little peak into the dark corners of my mind, here's a secret. For the last ten years or more, whenever I run into any kind of translation software, text-to-voice application, or anything else that takes a string of text and does something with it, I use the same ridiculous phrase. (And considering that I worked in product support at Dell for seven years, testing all sorts of software, I had ample opportunity to try the phrase in a myriad of different settings and applications.)

The phrase? See if you can work out what the robot is saying (8 kb mp3 file). Or just look at the file name, if you want the easy answer...

Great gargling hooglymooglies!
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