Thursday, January 17, 2008


People Talk

I find very little time to listen to podcasts, I'm sorry to say, but this week I'm having to make an exception.

First, the indefatigable Rick Kleffel interviews my pal John Picacio, about his background, about process, and about illustration in general. (mp3 link)

Next up, Adventures in Scifi Publishing interviews seabreeze-sipping Aussie Sean Williams. (mp3 link)

I've just finished the Picacio interview, and hopefully will have time to start on the Williams after lunch. (How do the rest of you people find the time to listen to so many podcasts?!)

I listen to my podcasts when driving to work, and on the commute home. I listen to them when walking the dogs around Lake Ella, and I occasionally listen to them on the computer when I'm just surfing around not really thinking or reading anything.

I also listen to them at my desk at work, but that's a real start-and-stop process and I may listen to one 80 minute show for the entire day.
My car just has an AM-FM radio, with one speaker out and a power button that won't turn off. So no podcasts while driving...

And I find if I'm doing something fairly mindless, like formatting a large document, I can listen to audio at the computer, but otherwise I find I can only concentrate on one thing or the other, the audio or the screen.
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