Saturday, January 19, 2008


New Review

Ron Fortier (he of Now Comics' Green Hornet and Airship27 fame) has posted a review of Paragaea: A Planetary Romance on his Pulp Fiction Reviews site, and seems to have liked it.
Hold on to your hats! When you open this book you are in for a rip-roaring, old fashion adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burrough’s planet stories.


Their quest is a lively action filled romp that I enjoyed to the max and was sorry to reach the end all too quickly. It does end with several unresolved plots that I hope will be handled in forthcoming sequels. Heironymous, Leena and Balam are three of the best adventure heroes ever created and I’m so happy to have made their acquaintance. It’s an experience I’d like to repeat and soon. So will you.

Wow. That's a fine way to start off a weekend...


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