Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Mind Meld: If I Ran Hollywood

Ever wonder what I would do if I ran Hollywood? I'm guessing not. But if you're curious, or want to know what such luminaries as Lou Anders, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, or Angela from SciFiChick think, head over to SF Signal's Mind Meld.

(Obviously, though, we're all wrong and the real problem with Hollywood is the "weft of the Culture of Death"...)

It would seem that I am what's wrong with Hollywood, according to the afore-mentioned post. Or at least a distillate of what's wrong taken to extreme. Imagine the apoplexy of one longing for Bollywood wholesomeness sitting through cinematic adaptations of the films I propose...
I've always known you were trouble, Blaschke...
So what would I do if I ran Hollywood? Probably nothing different, if doing the same thing that they've always done keeps making money.

Oh, Chris, this is why I love you.
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