Thursday, January 31, 2008


Metronomy's "Radio Ladio"

The YouTube posting for this video--which appears to come from an alternate universe where 1982 never stopped happening but instead went horribly, horribly wrong--has it as "directed by Daniel Brereton".

Is that this Dan Brereton, do you suppose?

This is cool and all, but remember when stuff was done without irony and, you know, made sense?

Sometimes I miss those days.
To me, the dividing line between American pop culture before and after the advent of irony is the career of Hall & Oates. Try to imagine those two guys as superstars after irony had set in.

What I find fascinating is the people who manage to be success both before and after that cultural shift. Like William Shatner or Chuck Norris, going from being unironic and completely earnest celebrities, to being the objects of parody after culture moved past them, to moving past self-parody into some sort of arch, ironic distillation of their former celebrity persona.
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