Saturday, January 26, 2008


Happy Birthday, Philip José Farmer

Philip José Farmer, one of the major influences on my development as a writer, today turns 90 years old. Happy birthday, Phil!

If you're interested in finding out more about PJF (and why wouldn't you be?), Christopher Paul Carey has a terrific birthday post that serves as an excellent primer on the great man's work.

Whoo! Here's to the Grand Old Man!

Today is Jules Feiffer's birtday, also.

I need to do more literary birthday posts over at Bookseller By Night. Maybe that would spur me to actually keep the darned thing updated.
Happy Birthday to PJF!

I definitely could see a bit of the World of Tiers in Paragaea. The joie de vive of Bonauventure owes a little bit, I think, to the equally displaced-but-loving-it Kickaha.
You know, Paul, even though Barsoom and the rest of the Burroughs worlds were the conscious model for Paragaea (with perhaps a bit of Mongo thrown in for good measure), you're probably not too far wrong to assume a healthy bit of Tiers in there, as well. And there's probably more Kickaha in Hieronymus than even I realize.
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