Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The Famous Bowl

Finally, having derided it in his act for years, Patton Oswalt tries out the dreaded Famous Bowl...
The Famous Bowl has a black plastic bottom and a clear plastic top that fogs appealingly from the jungle heat of the beige glop inside. Here's where, in a quirky indie-film moment, I'd eat a sporkfull and realize… "Hey, this is pretty good!" I had considered that reaction as I drove the Famous Bowl home. It sat on the passenger seat next to me like a sullen runaway I'd picked up on the interstate. I wanted us to bond somehow. I wanted to eat my words. I like when things work out unexpectedly.

The Famous Bowl hit my mouth like warm soda, slouched down my throat, and splayed itself across my stomach like a sun-stroked wino. It was that precise combination of things, and so many other sensations that did not go together. At all.


I managed three or four more spoonfuls, trying to be fair. I am not the healthiest eater, but this was a level of crap I hadn't earned a belt in yet.

I confess I have had the Bowl (I love down the block from KFC, shaddup), and found it simultaneously gross and oddly compelling. In that sense, not so different from fried Oreos.
Ha ha ha I meant I "live" down the block from KFC. There hasn't beem much loving down the block from KFC going on in a while. *g*

Of course, while the Famous Bowl still sounds horrible to me, Fried Oreos sound strangely alluring...
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