Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Book Report: Baby's Book of Opposites

A brief book report today, catching up after the holidays.

Baby's Book of Opposites, anon. (illustrated by Mary Hildebrandt)

This unimposing board book, published in 1992 by the Unicorn Publishing House, was rescued from the sidewalk bargain bin in front of the Half Price Books on Anderson Mill some months ago. Given the whole of the store and its stock from which to select a book, Georgia set her heart and sights on this one, principally because there is a dragon on the front cover and an elephant on the back. With eight interior pages and a total of eight words, it's not much for bedtime reading, with a pretty scant narrative.

What makes this book significant is that Georgia, without any prompting from me or Allison, picked this book up yesterday and read all eight words aloud, sounding out phonetically those that she didn't know, or else working them out from context. "Big. Little. Front. Back. Up. Down. Top. Bottom. In. Out." So far as we know, this is the first time she's read an entire book on her own, at the age of three years and ten months, instead of just sounding out a word here or there when prompted.

A short while later, she read it out again, and got a cupcake for her troubles.


Oh that's so great! I illustrated this book so long art style has changed quite a bit.

I'm writing and illustrating my own Manga comic books with David Boller...few more words in these books!

Mary Hildebrandt ^__~
Glad to hear you're still at it, Mary. Keep up the good work!
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