Thursday, December 06, 2007


Secret Files of the Diogenes Club review

The inestimable John Berlyne of SFRevu has weighed in on the topic of Kim Newman's Secret Files of the Diogenes Club, and unsurprisingly it's a rave:
The Secret Files of the Diogenes Club is vintage Kim Newman, featuring six reprinted stories and a brand new one, Cold Snap, a brilliant tall tale set in the mid 70s and in which some familiar Newman heroes and villains make their presence felt. Other stories take us to various parts of the 20th century, my favourite being Clubland Heroes (which originally appeared in the Subterrenan Press anthology, Retro Pulp Tales, 2006) which features a very British bunch of upper class super heroes. Also highly effecting is Another Fish Story in which Newman touches upon the darkness surrounding the Manson Family – disturbing and believable. Humour and horror sit side by side in Newman work, flanked by wit and a considerable amount of style.

Very highly recommended.
John only errs in referring to me as "the tireless Chris Roberson," which only means that he hasn't seen me at seven AM when the alarm goes off...

I like my copy; it's my preciousssss (slobber), tho LOEG: the Black Dossier, which I got for Chanukah, is making inroads.
They're both splendid books, I'll give you that. Can't you have two previoussssses?
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