Saturday, December 29, 2007


Head Tracking

(via) Holy cow. This is freaking amazing. Watch until at least a few seconds past 2:30 to see what I mean.

The applications to gaming are obvious, but I'm thinking about what it could mean for desktop productivity, creating a truly 3D workspace on a flat monitor display. Imagine working with a really enormous image in Photoshop and being able to maneuver from one area to another just by leaning to the side, or tiling multiple documents and being able to navigate between them just by shifting your body to one side or the other.

My new Dell laptop's webcam software (and I believe the new Apples can do this too) will be able to track my head without any clever stuff stuck to my head. It just knows what a face looks like. So... imagine that!
Really? If so, that's pretty damned awesome!
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